Episode #010 Living In Place with Linda Kafka

Featured in this week’s episode on Productive Design, Crystal interviews Director of Trade Relations at Caplan’s, Linda Kafka. Linda is a specialist and industry resource on inclusive design and wellness in the residential trade sector. She also has an in-depth knowledge of living in place long before the current coronavirus pandemic began.  The living inContinue reading “Episode #010 Living In Place with Linda Kafka”

Episode #009 Perfectionism and Productive Procrastination

Do you find yourself looking back at the end of the day asking yourself “what did I actually get done today”? Despite being busy all day-most likely you were “busy”, you just did not really do anything that moved the needle on your business. We can all fall into this trap easily, and I amContinue reading “Episode #009 Perfectionism and Productive Procrastination”

Ep#008 Your lighting supplier making your days brighter.

Today I speak with Julia Fraser, owner of Watts Current “brick and mortar” lighting store located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Julia and I talk about some of the pitfalls Interior Designers can run into when specifying lighting. Working with a knowledgable lighting supplier is liking having a “free employee” they are an extension of yourContinue reading “Ep#008 Your lighting supplier making your days brighter.”

Episode #007 Working effectively with your luxury appliance A&D Representative

In this episode, we chat with Kitchen Design & Product Expert Margaret Macdonald. Margaret is the Ontario Architect and Design Sales Manager for Sub Zero, Wolf, and Cove – focusing on the education and specification of luxury residential appliances. We learn why your A&D representatives can serve as a member of our team when itContinue reading “Episode #007 Working effectively with your luxury appliance A&D Representative”

Episode #006

With 30 years of experience in architectural design, project management, and general construction Foti Hatzidemetriou brings knowledge and experience to every collaboration he works on.  Foti is a General Contractor, accessibility expert and Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), he gets his biggest satisfaction from helping his clients discover practical ways to modify their home/workContinue reading “Episode #006”

Episode #005 Is there an Imposter in your head?

Today we chat with Interior Design Professional Ingrid Porter from Cleveland Ohio-we talk about that mean girl voice in our heads! You know the one, the voice that likes to remind us that somehow we have managed to “trick” everyone into thinking we know what we are doing, and we will soon be exposed forContinue reading “Episode #005 Is there an Imposter in your head?”

Episode #004 Tools I Use

Episode #004 I don’t know about you, but I love hearing what tools others use in their work life or daily life to be more productive or just make life easier for them. In this solo episode I talk about the tools and software I am currently using in my business. I discuss what isContinue reading “Episode #004 Tools I Use”

Episode #003 Your design firms first hire, it is not who you think it is.

Do you find yourself working around the clock and you are thinking it may be time to hire? I bet you think it should be a Junior Designer or Design Assistant, as that is what is typically done right? Well, when The Productive Designer guest Sara Keeling felt the need to hire-it was not aContinue reading “Episode #003 Your design firms first hire, it is not who you think it is.”

Episode #002 A second set of eyes

Are you running your design business by yourself or as a small team. Do you ever wish you had a second pair of eyes to review the work, or handle some of the hundreds of details that goes into designing the perfect kitchen? Well you can…even if you are a solopreneur and you are wearingContinue reading “Episode #002 A second set of eyes”