Being the H.O.S.T of your life with Andrea Freeman

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews mindful business coach, Andrea Freeman.

Andrea is a celebrity event planner turned mindful business coach. She works with service-based entrepreneurs around the world to help them up-level their businesses to multiple 6 to 7 figures through a couple of different vehicles like authentic thought leadership and visibility and mindset. Cultivating the habits, practices to create a business that is soulfully sustainable.

Andrea shares that her personal journey as an entrepreneur where she had a number of different businesses. Andrea realized that going through her business evolutions really helped her to cultivate a new mindset. She also mentions how she created her coaching program which is based on the idea of being at a party. Andrea points out that there are two ways to be in life, to be a “guest” or be the “host”. When you’re a guest at someone else’s party, you don’t have a say in a lot of things about the party, but being the host you have the choice to create something that’s uniquely and authentically yours.

Andrea is the creator of the H.O.S.T your life Accelerator program. A program to learn how to honor your why so you get really clear about why you do what you do. So that you can build a business that makes a massive impact, stands the test of time, and creates true entrepreneurial freedom.

Andrea and Crystal discuss the topic of burnout. Andrea believes that you cannot talk about burnout without the discussion of boundaries. Which she thinks is going to be a critical part of being able to come out of burnout, and be successful. Andrea mentions that the more you cultivate your mindset, the easier it is to get there.

So join Crystal and Andrea as they talk about Andrea’s entrepreneurial journey and her coaching business. Then, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”.

How to connect with Andrea:

Website – I Instagram – @afreeman_insta

LinkedIn – afreeman-consulting

Andrea Freeman as guest in TPD episode Being the H.O.S.T of your life

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