Episode #0059 Brand Strategy To Build A Dream Interior Design Business with Mohammed Abdelghfar

Crystal and Mo talk about brand strategy for interior designers and how to effectively position your interior design firm in the customers’ minds. What questions you need to ask in order to gain clarity and focus to build your dream interior design brand. What it is that you do, that will ensure you build a long-lasting emotional relationship with customers that turns them into loyal ever advocating fans.

Mo believes that brand strategy begins with basic human design rather than seeing how to make money. Giving value to your clients on the human level enables you to resonate with them and help them efficiently. You need to build great client relationships to produce loyal fans and create more referrals as a service-based business.

He emphasizes the significance of figuring out who you want to serve, and why you want to. Mo advises to focus more on the intrinsic motivators than seeing people as transactions or figures. Since business is a game of trust, you need to ask yourself what makes you different from your competitors and valuable to your clients?

The transaction is just the start of building client relationships. Mo mentioned the need to leave them with an excellent first impression and continually nurture them even after the project is complete. People liked to be asked their opinions, for example asking them for feedback after the project is done. You want your client to remember the interaction in addition to the product itself.

So join Crystal and Mo as they talk about branding and brand strategy. Then “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”.

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Mohammed Abdelghfar on TPD episode Brand Strategy To Build A Dream Interior Design Business

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