Episode #0014 – Designer-Mindset (Designer and Life Coach)

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews life coach and interior designer Oriana Loduca. Oriana works with entrepreneurial women that are seeking fulfillment, joy, work life balance, and success in their lives. 

 As a life coach, Oriana’s job is to listen to others and does not give any advice. She helps others along their journey to lead to a more fulfilled and energized life. It emphasizes action particularly self-reflection and learning. Oriana explains the need to rest, take a time to sit still, and looking for signs in your life. She gives details about all the areas in life that a life coach can help with and gives some tips to better take care of yourself and your work life. 

Oriana tells how her life coaching plays into her interior design work, and how life coaching has impacted her work for the better.  She then goes onto explain some perspectives that can make any small business owner value their work more and learn how to stop devaluing their business. 

So, join Crystal and Oriana as Oriana gives Crystal tips and new views on life to benefit both her personal and work life. You might find yourself inspired by some of her ideas or finally hear the encouragement you needed to take the next right steps in your work. 

Do something today that your future self will thank you for and call Oriana to begin a more fulfilled journey in life. 

Connect with Oriana

Website : iDesignspace Instagram:@idesign_space Facebook :IDESIGNSPACECA

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