Episode #0052 Designing for Mental Health with Carrie Leskowitz

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer, host Crystal Collinson, interviews fellow designer, certified life coach and author, Carrie Leskowitz.

Carrie is an award-winning interior designer with over 20 years of experience. As the founder of Carrie Leskowtitz Interiors, she helps clients nurture the holistic connections between their homes and their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Through self-exploration and reinvention for beautifully created homes. Focused on designing for mental health connections to promote overall well-being and abundant life.

Carrie shares the journey that led her in being a life coach. She believes that things happen for a reason. And that we don’t always know what they are when we’re in them. She decided to become a life coach to help herself to change her perspective. She started her coaching her design clients because she had seen how the interior space of home mirrors their minds. 

In Carrie’s book, OM for the hOMe, she shares her holistic approach to intentionally curating an environment where you’ll thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is your complete guide to designing for mental health space with your authentic self in mind to achieve Zen. Full of design philosophy, creative lifestyle tips, and introspective activities.

Carrie also shares that she’s working with people and companies where sustainability is of importance. She likes to use non-toxic paints which every company makes now. She also recommends reducing cleaning supplies by applying the 80/20 approach. Finding more and more people are interested in going green in cleaning supplies & beauty products.

So join Crystal and Carrie as they talk about Carrie’s book about designing for mental health, her interior design business, and the holistic connection between our homes and our health as a whole. Then, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” and pick up Carrie’s book.

How to reach Carrie:

Website : carrieleskowitzinteriors.com I Instagram :  @carrieleskowitz

Facebook : carrieleskowitzinteriors I LinkedIn : carrie-leskowitz

Carrie Leskowitz as guest on TPD episode Designing for mental health

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Resources mentionedOM for the Home – A Holistic Approach to Interior Design for Your Overall Wellbeing, Body, Mind, and Spirit

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