Episode #0047 How to effectively use local SEO for your Interior Design business

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews local SEO Expert, Jessica Morrison. 

Jessica runs a local SEO agency where she helps small businesses really increase their search engine rankings and their online visibility. Her passion has always been local business and not just local but small businesses across the world. She talks about a class of really large companies that will have a completely different SEO strategy than a business that exists in a city or a smaller town. And there are definite advantages to really increase your ranking locally. She thinks that it’s often a benefit that’s overlooked by small businesses. Because they think that SEO is kind of one of these things that only big companies do. Listen to learn why it is beneficial for small local companies too.

Jessica discusses the three different pillars that you want to look at with local SEO. Your first one is optimizing your website. Where you want to take a look at your website and make sure it’s optimized for mobile viewing. Because most people are now looking at things on smartphones. The second is social media even if it has an indirect effect on your SEO. What it does is it’s increasing your brand awareness allowing your company to be “top of mind”. She continues to discuss the third factor which is the local ranking factor,. Which would be having a Google my business profile. And it can go so far as to text you if people want to interact with you. If you’ve optimized GMB then you can show up in the top three on the map.

So join Crystal and Jessica as they discuss positioning your business through local SEO efforts. Then, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” and head on to her website to check the PDF free resource to know more about the three pillars Jessica mentioned.

How to reach Jessica:

Website seasidedigitaldesign.com     

LinkedIn – seasidedigitaldesign     I     Instagram – @seasidedigitaldesign

Jessica Morrison on TPD episode How to effectively use local SEO for your Interior Design business

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