Episode #005 Is there an Imposter in your head?

Today in The Productive Designer, host Crystal Collinson chats with Interior Design Professional Ingrid Porter from Cleveland Ohio. We talk about imposter that mean girl voice in our heads! You know the voice that likes to remind us that somehow we have managed to “trick” everyone into thinking we know what we are doing. And, we will soon be exposed for the “fraud” we really are. This is commonly known as “Imposter Syndrome”. I am sure each and every one of us has battled it at some time in our lives and careers. As Entrepreneurs we are typically “high achievers”. Some may say “A Types” who are typically not happy with the status quo. We tend to stretch ourselves outside our comfort zone, and that is often when the voice starts to get loud.

So listen in to learn how Ingrid deals with Imposter Syndrome, what books, podcasts, and mindset tools she likes to turn to when the “inner mean girl” rears her ugly head!

Ingrid PorterEpisode#6 titled Is there an Imposter in your head?

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Crystal is the principal of Crystal Collinson Interiors, a full-service design firm specializing in the Design and Decorating of Model Homes, Sales Presentation Centre’s, Condominium amenity spaces and small commercial projects. Crystal & her team work with many of the GTA’s largest home builders.

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