Episode #0039 Pamela Durkin, discusses new perspectives on social media

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson chats with author and interior designer Pamela Durkin.

Pam has been in the industry for almost thirty years, and for most of that time, she has owned her own interior design firm. Pamela believes the best part of being a Designer is knowing the value you bring to the table when someone hires you. Elaborating on knowing your worth when walking into a home. Pamela explains how when a Client is looking ot hire a  Designer it is less about the furniture selections and more about how to make a space that works. Their home is a sanctuary, and they have to feel safe, comfortable, and blissful in their space. 

Pamela also gives Crystal new perspectives on social media. While Crystal often sees it “as a necessary evil”.  Providing tips on how to make your social media more impactful. Aw we know in reality, it is essential, as everyone is doing it. But, if everyone is doing it, why are you? Are you just going to post a white kitchen because everyone is? Or are you going to add what makes your kitchen style different? What elements did you add? What is unique? The real question is, if everyone is posting the same things, what can you do to make you stand out? Are you commenting on other’s post? The most important thing about social media is to be consistent and to show a different perspective.  

So, join Crystal and Pamela as they talk about new perspectives on social media, owning your own business, and Pamela’s book. And then, do something today that your future self will thank you for and check out Pamela’s book Elevate on Amazon.  

How to reach Pamela:

Website : pamela-durkin.com      I       Facebook : pameladurkindesigns/ 

Instagram- @pameladurkin

Book- Elevate-design-business-basement-Penthouse

Pamela Durkin on TPD episode discussing new perspectives on social media

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