Episode #0050 – The Planning Fallacy (Solo episode)

Featured on today’s solo episode of The Productive Designer podcast, host Crystal Collinson dives deep into something that we all fall victim to, the term “planning fallacy”. It’s a familiar experience that is explored by social psychologists since the term was coined by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky in 1979.

Planning fallacy refers to an optimistic prediction bias in which people underestimate the time that it will actually take to complete a task. Despite knowing that similar tasks that you’ve performed in the past have typically taken longer. We tend to exclude many variables that are out of our control and only think of some parts of the task that we can control. Therefore, we grossly underestimate how long something is gonna actually take to complete. When it comes to projects this depends on what type of fee system you are working with. Whether you’re on an hourly or a flat fee, we are all guilty of not charging for every hour that we have worked.

There are studies that show how we can overcome this fallacy. That is learning to break down our projects into more bite-size and manageable tasks. By doing so, we have a much better idea of estimating the amount of time each of those specific tasks is going to take. This is where time blocking comes in. The challenge is actually sticking to what you planned to do in that specific time. Because there will always be something that will try to distract you from your intended action.

There is really no one-size-fits-all approach to overcoming the planning fallacy. Things are going to happen that are not on your schedule, but has there ever really been an actual “design emergency”? The answer is NO! The trick is breaking things down into bite-sized pieces, setting out your intentions on when and where to do these tasks and then sticking  to actually following through…yes easier said than done.

So now go do something today that your future self will thank you for and listen to this short episode.

TPD solo episode titled The Planning Fallacy

Resources mentioned:

Time Blocking episode


Why do we underestimate how long it will take to complete a task?

Episode #0049 How to Generate Referrals for your Business Without Asking with Stacey Brown Randall

Featured on today’s episode The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews multiple award-winning author and podcast host Stacey Brown Randall.

 Stacey is the multiple award-winning author of Generating Business Referrals Without Asking. She’s also the host of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast. She has been featured in national publications like Entrepreneur Magazine – Investor, Business Daily, Forbes. CEO World and Fox News.

Stacey shares her high-level philosophy on how to generate referrals which always comes from relationships. And relationships have to be maintained by frequent connection. Business owners are juggling both professional and personal life, and in order to maintain connections, you need to create a referral process so that you can do it consistently. The best way to maintain these connections is through touchpoints. This ensures that we’re connecting the right way, with the right language. And the right amount of times in a year.

We have been taught on how to generate referrals that we must ask for them. Stacey & Crystal discuss easy and effective ways to stand out amongst your competitors. And how to easily receive more business referrals without asking.

Honoring the relationship with referral sources is more impactful when using the right language to direct how they think about us, which is ultimately how the referrals consistently happen. Additionally, the piece that most people miss is that referral generation needs to be strategic with a system in place so that you maintain those consistent touchpoints. 

So join Crystal and Stacey as they discuss on how to generate referrals and hope to inspire you to think differently about growing and maintaining your business through referrals. 

Then, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” and reach out to a past client.

Connect with Stacey

 Website – staceybrownrandall.com

 Facebook – StaceyBrownRandall

Stacey Brown Randall as guest on TPD episode How to generate referrals for your Business Without Asking

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Being the H.O.S.T of your life with Andrea Freeman

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews mindful business coach, Andrea Freeman.

Andrea is a celebrity event planner turned mindful business coach. She works with service-based entrepreneurs around the world to help them up-level their businesses to multiple 6 to 7 figures through a couple of different vehicles like authentic thought leadership and visibility and mindset. Cultivating the habits, practices to create a business that is soulfully sustainable.

Andrea shares that her personal journey as an entrepreneur where she had a number of different businesses. Andrea realized that going through her business evolutions really helped her to cultivate a new mindset. She also mentions how she created her coaching program which is based on the idea of being at a party. Andrea points out that there are two ways to be in life, to be a “guest” or be the “host”. When you’re a guest at someone else’s party, you don’t have a say in a lot of things about the party, but being the host you have the choice to create something that’s uniquely and authentically yours.

Andrea is the creator of the H.O.S.T your life Accelerator program. A program to learn how to honor your why so you get really clear about why you do what you do. So that you can build a business that makes a massive impact, stands the test of time, and creates true entrepreneurial freedom.

Andrea and Crystal discuss the topic of burnout. Andrea believes that you cannot talk about burnout without the discussion of boundaries. Which she thinks is going to be a critical part of being able to come out of burnout, and be successful. Andrea mentions that the more you cultivate your mindset, the easier it is to get there.

So join Crystal and Andrea as they talk about Andrea’s entrepreneurial journey and her coaching business. Then, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”.

How to connect with Andrea:

Website – andreafreemanconsulting.com I Instagram – @afreeman_insta

LinkedIn – afreeman-consulting

Andrea Freeman as guest in TPD episode Being the H.O.S.T of your life

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Episode #0047 How to effectively use local SEO for your Interior Design business

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews local SEO Expert, Jessica Morrison. 

Jessica runs a local SEO agency where she helps small businesses really increase their search engine rankings and their online visibility. Her passion has always been local business and not just local but small businesses across the world. She talks about a class of really large companies that will have a completely different SEO strategy than a business that exists in a city or a smaller town. And there are definite advantages to really increase your ranking locally. She thinks that it’s often a benefit that’s overlooked by small businesses. Because they think that SEO is kind of one of these things that only big companies do. Listen to learn why it is beneficial for small local companies too.

Jessica discusses the three different pillars that you want to look at with local SEO. Your first one is optimizing your website. Where you want to take a look at your website and make sure it’s optimized for mobile viewing. Because most people are now looking at things on smartphones. The second is social media even if it has an indirect effect on your SEO. What it does is it’s increasing your brand awareness allowing your company to be “top of mind”. She continues to discuss the third factor which is the local ranking factor,. Which would be having a Google my business profile. And it can go so far as to text you if people want to interact with you. If you’ve optimized GMB then you can show up in the top three on the map.

So join Crystal and Jessica as they discuss positioning your business through local SEO efforts. Then, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” and head on to her website to check the PDF free resource to know more about the three pillars Jessica mentioned.

How to reach Jessica:

Website seasidedigitaldesign.com     

LinkedIn – seasidedigitaldesign     I     Instagram – @seasidedigitaldesign

Jessica Morrison on TPD episode How to effectively use local SEO for your Interior Design business

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Episode #0046 Learn how to focus with “Focusologist” Penny Zenker

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson chats with Focusologist, Penny Zenker. 

Penny is, an international speaker, business strategy coach, and best-selling author of the book “The Productivity Zone” which was an instant Amazon Best Seller. And her TEDx, “The Energy of Thought”, has gained attention around the world. She is featured on NBC News, Forbes, Inc, ESPN, and Wharton Business Radio among others.

In this episode, Crystal and Penny discuss how we need to bring awareness to life and works’ distractions or how and why we lose focus. Penny explains how can we start to take steps towards being more focused. And being more intentional with where and how we direct our attention. 

Crystal believes habitual change is tough, and it is going to take a real effort to make these changes happen. 

What is a “Focusologist”?

Penny explains what a Focusologist is, it is someone who focuses is on the right things at the right time. It is someone who studies and practices the art of controlling and directing the energy of our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions to produce a positive, meaningful result. At the simplest, it’s the art of studying how to focus so that we get the results that we want. 

She emphasized that humans are a thousand times more driven away from pain than we are towards pleasure. Where, avoiding the pain by doing almost anything other than what we are supposed to do.

Crystal asks how Penny works and what are methods she uses to help people to stay focused. Penny mentioned that the first step is awareness. She has a distraction quiz. Where she invites everybody to take a look at. And find out whether they’re a squirrel or a time zombie. What the quiz meant to do is to create that heightened awareness as to what’s distracting us. People should be aware that we’re being distracted. And, that we’re impulsively behaving in a certain way.

Listen in on this episode where Crystal and Penny talked about the ways how to focus and be a little bit more productive. And, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”. And learn to notice what your triggers are for losing focus. 

How to reach Penny:

Website: pennyzenker360.com I LinkedIn: pennyzenker I Facebook: PennyzPerspective

Mentioned Resources: Distraction quiz

Books Productivity-Zone-Stop-Tug-Time by Penny Zenker and Ruthless-Elimination-Hurry-Emotionally-Spiritually by Jon Mark Comer 

Penny Zenker on TPD episode how to focus

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Episode #0045 TPD Chats with Phyllis Harbinger the author of The Interior Design Productivity Toolbox: Checklists and Best Practices to Manage Your Workflow

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews fellow interior design professional and author, Phyllis Harbinger. 

Phyllis is an Interior Designer, Educator, Strategist, Speaker, and Author of the Interior Design Productivity Toolbox. She has owned and operated her award-winning boutique firm, DCI Studio, for almost 30 years. Serving the luxury residential market.

In this episode, Phyllis shares the story of how she came to writing her book. It all started when she was in a mastermind class. And her mentor challenged them all to create an evergreen product. Then she thought about the budgeting tool and checklists she had created. It could become an evergreen product, and it did.

Crystal and Phyllis move the conversation to discuss the best methods for scaling a business. Phyllis points out that we all live in a very different world now. One that allows us to work remotely, and therefore the ability to hire part-time or “fractional” is very easy to do. This allows small business owners the flexibility and freedom to hire. Without having the responsibility of a full-time employee especially when you’re starting out.

Phyllis shares her best hiring practice. As an Educator she has an advantage she likes to call her “secret sauce”, and that is to hire through her class.  She gets to really know who the students are. As a Teacher, she gets first-hand knowledge of their work ethic. Their personality traits, and their unique brilliance. She sees all that because she is interacting with them on a regular basis. And she learns of their capabilities. And nine out of 10 times, they exponentially show more than anticipated.

Phyllis and Crystal briefly touch on fee systems. Phyllis’s preferred method is a substantial design fee for the conceptualization and creative services portion. And then her DCI Studio team move into purchase management. DCI Studio keeps all of their client’s credit cards safely password-protected. Using their cards to make purchases on their clients’ behalf. A “Purchase Management” fee is then added on which allows for complete transparency. And worrying about her clients “shopping” her.

So join Crystal and Phyllis as they discuss her book, ideas on scaling and managing an interior design business. Then, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” and pick up Phyllis’s book.

 How to reach Phyllis:

Website : phyllisharbinger.com  I  Instagram : phyllisharbinger   I Facebook : DCIStudio

Phyllis Harbinger as guest in the episode titled TPD Chats with Phyllis Harbinger the author of The Interior Design Productivity Toolbox

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Recommended books: Get A Grip by Gion Wickman & Mike Paton, Traction by Gino Wickman 

Episode #0044 Design Package Options for Working with Contractors, with Mehnaz Malik

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson strategizes with fellow interior design professional Mehnaz Malik.  

In this episode, Mehnaz is interested in learning about Crystal’s relationships with Builders and Contractors. And how she charges for her services. Crystal provides insight, explaining how having a different design package available is a great option for both the Contractor and the Client. These packages are priced based on the scope of work and level of design involvement. 

Mehnaz & Crystal also chat about how to discuss budgets with Clients.  This can sometimes be a challenge for many Design Professionals. A design package option to consider is working with a project total instead of showing an itemized list. This can be helpful when working within an overall budget.  Some clients prefer to know exactly what they are paying for each item. While other clients are okay as long as the budget is met. 

So, join Crystal and Mehnaz as they discuss ways to approach money, budgets, and contractors. Then, do something today that your future self will thank you for. And try some of these suggestions for yourself.  

How to reach Mehnaz:

Website – www.nataridesign.com

IG: @nataridesign

Mehnaz Malik as guest on TPD episode Design Package Options for Working with Contractors

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Episode #0043 TPD chats with Liv Pod Creator & Interior Design Professional Lisa Kooistra

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews fellow interior design professional and Liv Pod creator, Lisa Kooistra.  

Crystal and Lisa discovered that they essentially have been living parallel lives with Crystal being a few years ahead of Lisa. However, there is one major difference. While Crystal’s husband is also a contractor, she does not work with him on a regular basis or really at all. Lisa on the other hand, work regularly with her contractor husband Ryan Kooistra of York Renovation Design. She and her husband do residential home renovations. 

Lisa cut her “interior design teeth” working for several successful design firms gaining lots of interior design experience. After years of working for different interior design firms, she and her husband both decided it was time to start their own businesses. 

While looking for an alternative for a home office, Lisa and her husband decided to design a self-contained unit. What they call a “Liv Pod”. The pod is located in their backyard, and it has heat, electricity, and more. The pod s connected to the main house for all electricity. It was the perfect solution to still be able to work from home while also having a separate space. The Liv Pods are available for all types of uses. And she has found that even start-up salons have found the perfect solutions to their office problems. 

So, join Crystal and Lisa as they chat about Lisa’s similar experiences to Crystal’s. What Lisa is doing to create new flexible spaces for starting businesses. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. And look into getting a pod for your business.   

How to reach Lisa:
Website – lkdesigns.ca      I      livpods.ca

TPD chats with Liv Pod Creator & Interior Design Professional Lisa Kooistra

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Episode #0042 – Strategy coaching call-what is your differentiator?

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson coaches fellow Interior Design professional Michaela Donato to help make her business better. 

This week’s episode is all about strategy coaching with Michaela’s business and what insight Crystal can give to take her to the next level. Crystal will go over flat fees versus hourly pay, marketing, differentiating your business, and attracting the right clientele. Crystal asks Michaela open and honest questions about her style. And what her current strategy is to find the best ways to help her. 

For Michaela, the main takeaway is learning how to set yourself apart from other Designers. For example, if you were in a room with one hundred other designers, what would do you do that no one else would raise their hand for? What makes you special? What could be the difference between someone choosing you or another designer? This could be your love for being environmentally friendly. Your keen eye for good antique pieces. Your use of bright colors, or your ability to adjust to someone’s lifestyle. There could be so many different key factors that could set you apart from others, and it is important that you know what that is. 

Crystal and Michaela also discuss design fees,  flat-fee versus hourly. In this episode Crystal touches on the fact that everyone has to start with a lower fee due to being new to the craft. But as your experience grows your prices need to grow too. When it is time to increase your rates, you can inform your current clients that your prices will be increasing as of a particular date. Notifying your existing Clients will make them aware that you are more experienced and therefore more valuable. This will also inform current clients that anyone they refer to you will be paying a different price. In some cases, the current clients who are used to paying a smaller fee may agree to pay more to get more value from your work or not. Either way, you will be paid your worth. 

So, join Crystal and Michaela as they explore different ways to grow her business through this strategy coaching. Then, do something today that your future self will thank you for. And determine what makes you and your services different from other Interior Design professionals.

How to reach Michaela:

Website : donatodecor.com 

Michaela Donato as guest in TPD episode titled Strategy coaching call-what is your differentiator?

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Episode #0041 Women empowerment with 19th & Co.’s Christine Woodward

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson is joined by fellow interior designer Christine Woodward. 

Christine is the owner of 19th & Co where she helps her clients transform their company into the next phase of growth by helping with strategy, implementation, and execution. She also has a team of skilled consultants behind her that allow her to work with almost anyone wanting to grow their business. If it is not in Christine’s expertise, she will find a consultant of hers that is. Her biggest rule is that her company is not mean to give you more work or be a chore. Instead, it is meant to make your work life easier. Christine’s ultimate goal for you is to help you get to the place where you are the most important person in the room. But without the need to be there all the time (meaning a dependable team!)

Christine believes in women empowerment. She elaborates on how she only hires women to help empower her clients. Because to Christine, most women lack confidence, particularly in the business world. This is something that Christine wants you to no longer feel. So she hires other informed women to keep the standard of empowerment. She never wants you to feel weak or powerless. Instead, she wants to help give you a voice and see your worth in your skill. Did you know most women will only apply for jobs when they have at least eight qualifications, but men will apply after they have two? So, why do men have more confidence? Confidence is not a trait, it’s a skill, and it is a skill you can learn.  Christine wants you to learn this confidence, apply it in your business, and then take your business to the next level. 

  So, join Crystal and Christine as they talk about confidence, and how to get your business to where you want it to be.  And then, do something today that your future self will thank you for, and be sure to contact Christine about your consultation today. 

How to reach Christine:

Website : 19thandco.com I LinkedIn- cwoodward1

Christine Woodward as guest on TPD episode about women empowerment

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