Episode #0072 How to make your interior design business profitable? with Kimberly Merlitti

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer, host Crystal Collinson chats with the owner of KMM Consulting, Kimberly Merlitti

Kimberly has 20 years of experience working in accounting for companies such as Swinerton Builders, WRNS Studio and Martin Group. Her clientele includes a diverse group of service-based companies, with a focus on small interior design, construction, and architectural firms. She is also one of Luann Nigara’s Expert Resource, the leader of the Project Profitability 101 course offered through Luann University.

  • People will see that you enjoy what you do when you are passionate about what you do and talk.
  • The number one mistake designers make is not billing all the time they are spending on their jobs.
  • To make your business profitable, you need to bill your rate (not a discounted rate) and you need and track your time.
  • As a CFO, Kimberly takes out the mystery in accounting making it easier to understand.
  • To achieve your desired business results, it requires a two-way effort. A CFO’s recommendations can help you increase your business’s profitability, but in order to do this you must apply the recommendations and take action.
  • Most Designers find accounting intimidating
  • Kimberly’s goal is to help businesses understand their finances better, and to listen without judgment.
  • A business balance sheet tells you a lot about your business.
  • Be proactive with your business finances
  • Do not ignore money problems, they will only get worse.

So, join Crystal and Kimberly as they discuss how to make a business profitable.

Then, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” and don’t be intimidated by accounting.

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How to reach Kimberly:

Website: kmmsf.com    I     Facebook: kimberly.merlitti

Instagram: Kmmconsulting     I    Assistant email: lexxi@kmmsanfforing.com

How to make your interior design business profitable? with kimberly merlitti

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