Episode #0024 – TPD chats with Serialpreneur Kipola Wakilongo

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews real estate broker, radio host, and serialpreneur, Kipola Wakilongo. Kipola started off in the real estate game younger than most. But she seems to have found success thanks to teaming up with REMAX Équipe Dynamique. 

Kipola started off by saving all her money and then used her savings to invest in a property. Which quickly turned into two properties. She’s only been a real estate agent for four years. But she has helped over 100 families, mostly first time buyers find homes. Since the days of the pandemic started, she has used this time to increase her social media and digital usage for her company. This allows her to work despite the conditions of the pandemic. And she has learned to adapt and evolve to the situation around her. According to Kipola, if you are not trying to go online you are most likely getting behind. Because everyone needs a social media presence these days. 

 Kipola is a driven serialpreneur that wears many hats. When she’s not investing or working in real estate, she offers advice to other entrepreneurs. This includes advice on how to build more of an online presence, and according to her website, everyone should have a professional photo shoot, this is required for you to portray a professional image 

So, join Crystal as they dive into Kipola’s diverse life and offers suggested ideas of what your next step in your life or career could be. And then, do something today that your future self will thank you for, listen to this episode so that you can begin taking the next steps in bettering your career. 

How to reach Kipola:

Website – kipolawakilongo.com

Twitter- @wakilongokipola 

Instagram- @wakilongokipola 

Facebook – shepublicrelations 

Guest Kipola Wakilongo on TPD episode TPD chats with Serialpreneur Kipola Wakilongo

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