Episode #0042 – Strategy coaching call-what is your differentiator?

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson coaches fellow Interior Design professional Michaela Donato to help make her business better. 

This week’s episode is all about strategy coaching with Michaela’s business and what insight Crystal can give to take her to the next level. Crystal will go over flat fees versus hourly pay, marketing, differentiating your business, and attracting the right clientele. Crystal asks Michaela open and honest questions about her style. And what her current strategy is to find the best ways to help her. 

For Michaela, the main takeaway is learning how to set yourself apart from other Designers. For example, if you were in a room with one hundred other designers, what would do you do that no one else would raise their hand for? What makes you special? What could be the difference between someone choosing you or another designer? This could be your love for being environmentally friendly. Your keen eye for good antique pieces. Your use of bright colors, or your ability to adjust to someone’s lifestyle. There could be so many different key factors that could set you apart from others, and it is important that you know what that is. 

Crystal and Michaela also discuss design fees,  flat-fee versus hourly. In this episode Crystal touches on the fact that everyone has to start with a lower fee due to being new to the craft. But as your experience grows your prices need to grow too. When it is time to increase your rates, you can inform your current clients that your prices will be increasing as of a particular date. Notifying your existing Clients will make them aware that you are more experienced and therefore more valuable. This will also inform current clients that anyone they refer to you will be paying a different price. In some cases, the current clients who are used to paying a smaller fee may agree to pay more to get more value from your work or not. Either way, you will be paid your worth. 

So, join Crystal and Michaela as they explore different ways to grow her business through this strategy coaching. Then, do something today that your future self will thank you for. And determine what makes you and your services different from other Interior Design professionals.

How to reach Michaela:

Website : donatodecor.com 

Michaela Donato as guest in TPD episode titled Strategy coaching call-what is your differentiator?

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