Episode #0013-Freelance Decorator for Busy Interior Design Professionals

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews freelance interior design consultant Joanne Dolan. Joanne works directly with homeowners and fellow designers on custom cabinetry, storage solutions, fabric selections, soft furnishings, and custom window treatments.  Since 2018 when Joanne Dolan Design began, she has focused part of her work onContinue reading “Episode #0013-Freelance Decorator for Busy Interior Design Professionals”

Ep.#011 Part 2-Simulcast with Cynthia Soda of The Fizz Podcast

Join Crystal on part 2 of the simulcast where she interviews Cynthia Soda the host of The Fizz Podcast. To listen to Part 1 where Cynthia interviews Crystal about Standards Operating Procedures for your interior design business, pop on over to The Fizz podcast.  A business owner and busy mom of 4, Cynthia is theContinue reading “Ep.#011 Part 2-Simulcast with Cynthia Soda of The Fizz Podcast”

Episode #009 Perfectionism and Productive Procrastination

Do you find yourself looking back at the end of the day asking yourself “what did I actually get done today”? Despite being busy all day-most likely you were “busy”, you just did not really do anything that moved the needle on your business. We can all fall into this trap easily, and I amContinue reading “Episode #009 Perfectionism and Productive Procrastination”