Episode #009 Perfectionism and Productive Procrastination

Do you find yourself looking back at the end of the day asking yourself “what did I actually get done today”? Despite being busy all day-most likely you were “busy”, you just did not really do anything that moved the needle on your business. We can all fall into this trap easily, and I amContinue reading “Episode #009 Perfectionism and Productive Procrastination”

Ep#008 Your lighting supplier making your days brighter.

Today Crystal Collinson speaks with Julia Fraser, owner of Watts Current “brick and mortar” lighting store located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. She will talk about some of the pitfalls Interior Designers can run into when specifying lighting. Working with a knowledgeable lighting supplier is liking having a “free employee”. They are an extension of yourContinue reading “Ep#008 Your lighting supplier making your days brighter.”