Episode #0058 The Business of Design with Kimberley Seldon

Kimberley is also a broadcaster and writer who advocates for spaces that celebrate the people who live in them. Based in Toronto and Los Angeles, the award-winning Kimberley Seldon Design Group today creates exceptional living spaces for exceptional people throughout North America. She founded Business of Design to share what she’s learned about how professionalism powers creativity.

Kimberley is a firm believer of having a process in place, enabling you to streamline your operations. Track your tasks and time, gathering this data is crucial to running a profitable business.

As a new Interior Design professional you need to be discerning in who you work for. Learning from a design firm that has structured business practices will influence your future work habits and operations if you plan to eventually run your own design business. 

Kimberley also stresses transparency with your clients from planning, negotiation, and pricing. Show your clients their wishlist and provide them with the actual price. It is up to your client to decide on what they would like to spend their money on-not yours. 

So join Crystal and Kimberley as they talk about her  journey in starting her coaching business, implementing systems to streamline her operations and managing her projects and clients. Then “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”. After you listen to this podcast, check out The Business of Design podcast to learn more about Kimberely Seldon and The Business Design coaching program. 

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How to reach Kimberley:

Website: businessofdesign.com     

Facebook: businessofdesign     I     Instagram: business_of_design     

Kimbereley Seldon on TPD episode The Business of Design

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