Episode #0069 TPD chats with Allison Andrew-Harris about Working with Trade Only Furniture Business

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer, host Crystal Collinson chats with co-owner and Director of Designer + Trade for CF Interiors Allison Andrew-Harris.

Allison is no stranger to the furniture game. In 1979, her father opened a furniture store on the South Granville slope, where Allison found herself working in her early teens alongside her two brothers. Allison now oversees the Design + Trade Division of the company, ensuring interior designers across the country have all the tools they need to make furniture and lighting sourcing as easy as possible.

  • Be confident in a male-dominated industry. 
  • Focus on your area of expertise. 
  • Making furniture buying for designers easy and more appealing..
  • Interior Design is 20% creative and 80% administrative. Curating a space requires picking different furniture suppliers. Dedicate a specific team to oversee and monitor shipping, freight rates, and delays. Additionally, you need to communicate with your clients before any problem or misunderstanding arises. 
  • Looking for international furniture suppliers?
  • There are so many more opportunities that have opened up with the acceptance and frequent ways of working virtually.
  • Traveling alone helps you build confidence.
  • Love what you do.

So, join Crystal and Allison as they chat about how Allison manages their furniture business in a male-dominated industry.

Then “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” and visit Allison’s website that will provide a one-stop shop for every designer’s trade and logistics needs.

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How to reach Allison:


IG: @cfinteriordesign

Allison Andrew-Harris as guest on TPD episode, Working with trade only furniture business.

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