Episode #0036 Discover why you are “Newsworthy” with Jennifer Singh, Media Pitch Coach

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson with former journalist and CEO of She’s Newsworthy Media Jennifer Singh. 

Jennifer helps women entrepreneurs gain exposure in the media. As a journalist, she noticed that more men were getting tv spots and exposure than women. She believes part of this issue is related to a woman’s imposter syndrome that she often feels. Jennifer also coaches women to overcome their insecurities and find what makes them stand out. She helps women entrepreneurs on how to put their best foot forward on podcast interviews, presentations, and on-camera training.    

Jennifer offers many workshops to help others in their entrepreneur dreams. She includes one on one help as well as group activities. She offers a variety of options because she knows everyone needs something different in order to succeed. As we all have different learning styles.

Jennifer knows the key to success is reaching all different platforms. So it is important to her that women know how to land podcast interviews and tv spots.  

So, join Crystal and Jennifer as they discuss how to successfully start landing media spots. And then, do something today that your future self will thank you for and discover why you are “newsworthy”.

How to reach Jennifer:

Website – shesnewsworthy.com 

Instagram – @shesnewsworthy

Jennifer as guest on TPD episode Discover why you are “Newsworthy”
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Welcome everyone to another episode of The Productive Designer I have a special guest today, Jennifer Singh, and she is from She’s Newsworthy Media welcome Jennifer.

Hi so thrilled to be here.

We’re happy to have you here a real professional. And when I asked you were you ready you’re like, Yep, good to go, but my guess is listeners a little bit about yourself, what you do, your background,

Give me the bio. Yeah, so

I actually started in the industry as a journalist, I’ve been a journalist for over 15 years and when you become a journalist, it’s not it’s a designation that you ever lose right once journalist, always a journalist I worked mostly in television in Ontario, at many of the stations I also moved to the east coast was really gung ho on becoming a reporter, and I transferred my skills from being reporter and producer and writer to helping women entrepreneurs land media spots, and the reason is because when I was booking those guests and doing interviews in the field for so many years, there was a real disconnect between the number of men being booked and the number of women being booked, and the narrative is really shifted towards the male voice so that’s why the company’s name she’s newsworthy right she’s giving that female perspective so that has always been my purpose and my passion and I work every day to help shift that narrative.

Thank you. If needed, a whole bunch of, that’s a whole other topic I’m sure we could get into but I think it’s great that you’re focusing on helping to move that along.

So do you have a. So who do you, would you say that you are working with, who is your like, you know, the term ideal client term but who would you say is your ideal client or who you’re working with currently

yeah you know what, when you become an entrepreneur you have to kind of figure it out, it takes some time. I know now my ideal client is a woman service space owner right she has a service based business she either has an expertise in anything from health and wellness to design, to I’m trying to go through who’s on my list right now to publishing to kids and mental health to lifestyle bloggers so anyone who has really stories that they can connect to the media’s new cycle that are newsworthy. I always say we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. what we’re trying to do is position, an entrepreneur in a unique way, with a fresh perspective. And I think that’s kind of the biggest hurdle for a lot of women entrepreneurs I work with, they just don’t think there’s they need to be special, or they need to hire or they’re they’re not newsworthy and it’s kind of goes back to the whole mention about men versus women, men just show up and they’re confident they have it so mostly that’s who I work with, I would say, Yeah, women service space owners, business owners,

and I think that the, you know, as a woman, owner of a service based business I think a lot of times we get so caught up in what we do and we think it’s just, it’s boring right it’s what we do and nobody really it but from, you know, we were so I guess insular and, you know, navel gazing at what we do all the time that we don’t think to your point, it’s newsworthy, what do they want to know about this and yet as we can see on half the stuff that’s on tick tock, and on, you know the reality shows. People want to know right like they’re interested in that. So I think that I can see why. We just don’t think it’s important

or interesting, for sure, and I think it’s, it’s more about, you know, when I work with women, like I realize I realize it took me years to realize but I do have a special skill of being able to figure out what is newsworthy and I can clearly tell within a five minute conversation, what is going to be newsworthy and appealing to the media we have this, you know we have a circle goes what kind of what I look at it, and the media is you’re at the top of the circle, you’re trying to appeal to the media, but in order to appeal to the media, you have to give them content that’s going to appeal to their audience. So it’s not just thinking about what’s going to make the news but what’s going to make the news that’s going to appeal to the media’s audience I had a client on CBC yesterday and she has a she actually is a product based business, rarely work with product based businesses but she has developed a book for helping kids to be more mindful and we know right now in the middle of the pandemic how needed that is. So, you know, listeners on CBC, you know the afternoon drive people are maybe not driving home with kids now but it’s that afternoon, people are getting ready for dinner, they’re finishing up school so that broadcast is going into home so that’s a perfect interview for that audience so I think people don’t really think about the two parts of it right so what is it the media want and what is their audience want, yeah. Is your clients right

that’s right and it’s kind of we look at it as, KY we want to get it to the media because they’re going to be the ones that gonna make it happen, but they’re the media, clients are, who we need to be appealing to

exactly and I think that, you know, one of the biggest things that I see the mistakes is that people always wonder why press releases never work in a press release is kind of a standard template it’s mass sent out to everybody and nobody picks it up, and that’s why because you haven’t considered the media’s audience, and you need to customize the pitches that you’re sending out. Makes sense. Makes total sense.

So what would you say is the misconception between PR versus marketing, or misconception or how I think a lot of people don’t, they think they think of PR as marketing.

This is interesting because I literally I know it’s gonna sound strange but I’m completely new to PR and marketing, because as a journalist, you try to get away from that you’re trying to tell the story. So if you’re an entrepreneur I think PR people think of PR, as things that are published right so that’s in a magazine or on TV or on the radio, and they think of marketing as maybe social media ads, or maybe something else. I look at it two completely different, I see that every entrepreneur needs to have a marketing machine, and that marketing machine includes media interviews, podcasts, interviews, and speaking gigs, push all that content out to social media, because that’s where people are going to be seeing your exposure and listening to your exposure you know you’re going to be posting an image or a link or sharing something and that’s how people are going to be able to connect to this podcast but I think it’s really like entrepreneurs need to think about the machine that you have and you have to do a little bit of each. You can’t just put all your eggs in one basket.

What do you mean by that. Exactly.

So you have to, you can’t just do podcasts you can’t just do speaking gigs, you can’t write Okay, media, maybe eventually you can write like maybe eventually you can like, maybe you just book really high paid speaking gigs but the way you’re gonna get those speaking gigs is if somebody’s seeing you on like a media interview, or somebody seeing, listening to you on a podcast, kind, it’s like a cycle, right, yeah.

There’s like, it’s like the chicken or the egg thing right it’s kind of, yeah,

I mean the golden end of the day, we’re busy. We’re busy right so it’s better to have inbound requests than us pushing out stuff all the time and I find when you have the marketing machine in place, you do start to get those inbound requests right so I mean I pitch myself I’m an entrepreneur as well I pitch. I mean, I want to do media interviews I did about 12 podcasts last year I didn’t pitch a single one media interviews on TV I think I did five didn’t pitch a single one, right, like that’s kind of how you want to be able to set yourself up but you can only do that if you’re putting yourself out there constantly,

right, and making people aware of you and why exactly, exactly. That makes sense. So when you say marketing machine can you just sort of give a little, I guess, explanation of because that might scare a lot of people, because you’re gonna watch I got somebody that I’m already up to here with stuff today and you’re telling me I gotta have a machine. So,

I mean, okay, I’m a solo entrepreneur I have VA and that’s it we this is my team right now and we’ll be growing my team later on but when I think about marketing machine I think it’s just about laying out at the beginning of the year, or, you know, in June had the half point, you know, six months, and what are my goals for the next six months, I keep track of how many podcasts interviews I do when I see okay maybe I need to add a little bit more. What, you know, Where can I be that part of the marketing machine up, you know have a target for how many speaking gigs that you want to do, whether that’s a virtual other all virtual now but whether that’s a virtual, whether that’s hosting a webinar, whether that’s doing a guest expert interview whether that’s doing a masterclass. And then the third part of it is like your PRP so, you know, looking to see how many media interviews can I do within the next three months or six months, I think the biggest problem is we don’t have targets, we don’t have targets on anything we do so, how are you going to see the results from any type of marketing, right, how are you going to see your results right

yeah we just kind of go okay let’s put it out there and Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn maybe and hope for the best.

Exactly right, but there’s no kind of strategy behind it so I think that this whole concept of the marketing machine I don’t even know if it’s coined or anything like that but that’s kind of how I view it that’s kind of how I see it I see that we have to market in a couple different ways. I personally have never done Facebook ads I’ve never done Instagram ads or paid for Google ads or anything like that. So this is kind of how I’ve been growing my business and teaching others to grow their businesses as well.

Well, because I think that that can get, I think almost a double edged sword with with doing paid ads, a, I mean if you’re a small business, maybe you can’t even afford those because they I understand can get costly. And secondly, I think there’s this is probably my personal opinion but what I sometimes see sponsored or, you know, there’s a little bit of a, like, I don’t know there’s something not as real about the the non paid or the more organic type of posts I guess,

yeah it’s it’s an interesting it’s very interesting because we know that the whole influencer marketing thing is huge right we know that that is huge and we know that people feel like that is superficial, but there are like everything there are legitimate influencers that do, you know, push out products and talk about products that they genuinely love and I think there has been kind of that shift in the last couple of years where people are being more outspoken about about that right and you’re just, you know, doing it for the money. At the same time I think the other part of that is that, you know, as entrepreneurs we really should be thinking of different ways to bring money into our businesses right and not be closed to different opportunities. It’s really just perspective and I’m trying to think like, even like when we think of like magazines right traditional magazines, you can open up a magazine and you see it’s kind of the same thing with influencer marketing you see an ad on or not an ad an article on one side, for whatever, you know how to get flawless skin in the winter and then I’ll write on the opposite page is, you know, very intentionally placed the product that they’re talking about right so it’s just a different type of marketing, I think, but we are becoming more media literate right we’re understanding what is genuine and what is, what is not. Yeah,

I think that’s, that’s a very valid point right there the whole, you know you might, you know I’ve teenage kids and everyone so I’m like you guys got to remember like specifically my daughter. That is a curated altered filtered image, and that’s selected out of the, whatever, like I’m like it’s not, it’s not real, right, like that’s not a real candid snapshot that is showing no this is all being staged and, you know, and just making sure that they as as our kids are understanding what is real and what’s not real and, you know, what’s so hard I mean it’s a hard space to be and I think as a kid growing up through all of this right now just, you know, how much is real and you know what is paid for and, you know, but I

think I think it’s a good thing, right, because our generation when we grew up we didn’t even know that like that was not even like a concept I remember when I was younger looking through magazines wanting to be looking like what whoever it was, not realizing how touched up they were and I think now that now the kids I’ve made we’re making ourselves sounds alright, I’m adding your age to to this but I’m 40 and I feel like it’s just a completely different generation and I’m able to be knowledgeable enough to tell I’ve two kids three and five and I’m, you know, able to tell my five year old who has lots of questions. You know what is real and what is not. And I don’t think my parents generation like was able to be educated in that way to inform us and that’s why it took so long for us to get to where we are,

yes to be okay you know what I’m okay. No I’m not. Yes, so I’m not, I can’t think of some of the models that I grew up with Naomi Campbell and I was like, whatever that pack of yeah we’re at that age and, yeah, I think, I think it’s right. I think the kids are learning to the access how easily it is to alter to right like some of these images and how they can figure it out yeah I can, you know I can, like I always joke with my daughter with Snapchat I’m like can you put that one that erases all my wrinkles.

not gonna hate on those filters at all.

You know we got to be real, gotta be real. So, what exactly is media success coaching. So how do you help women, like what what is, what are some of the things that you do to help women do this.

So, again, as an entrepreneur, I totally was baffled by the concept of how PR has been structured before because I’m coming from a storytelling background and a very authentic and genuine background, you know, knowing that what’s important is human interest story so you know for a little bit of context traditional PR as I know it in Canada and in most places is an agency, they usually write your pitches for you they book things behind the scene for you, they kind of just tell you where to go and how to show up right, right, and your job is to really just be on camera and do your interview and it’s kind of like a done for you.

and then huge price tag.

Exactly right, there’s usually a retainer fee retainer fees can be in, I mean we’re in Ontario retainer fees, I know it for Toronto, one of the bigger agencies may be five to 10k a month would be an average price. And that’s like a done for you and they have an entire team taking care of you right so when I developed meeting success coaching and trying to figure out how do I help entrepreneurs, how do I help people like myself, I tweaked until I came up with a formula which is kind of like a hybrid program where, you know, entrepreneurs still get that chance to have one on one time with me. We do your strategy session, I tell you what’s going to be unique and what the angle is that you have to stick with, you know, in order to craft newsworthy stories you draft your pitch, using the tools that I’m providing you, you know, all my successful pitch examples, you send out the pitch to the email, you know you email the media based on like my media contact list, you book your interview you organize all that stuff. And then we caught back on and we do an on camera session where I’m coaching you through, you know pace pitch your tone, you know what to include. So that part media success coaching has that part of it and the other part of it is a community that was amazing right now I have such a stellar team of women, inside the group right now of other service based entrepreneurs, you know, and we meet once a week and we have learning lessons so we know that interviews have shifted completely to the online space so that’s going to look different for every station, but the way new success coaching is set up, it’s so that I’m giving you the tools but also coaching you through it so that after we work together, you are self sufficient. The biggest you know feedback that I hear from people, I have a lot of people come to me after they worked with traditional agency and it didn’t work out was, they don’t know what happened to their pitch, they don’t know who it got sent to they don’t have any relationships they don’t know what to do. And I think I’m really feeling that Nisha, you know, women are go getters, you know that women are go getters we get, we get shit done. And it’s just kind of like we’d sometimes like if you need to get it done give it to a woman. Like, I literally like come on, right. That’s just how we are. That’s just kind of how we are right we have deadlines we’re motivated to do it so this program really is developed to coach you through the process giving like pull back the curtain to show you what it is, you know, sharing my media context with you, but also kind of sitting back and letting you take control so you’re building your relationships. It was designed that way as well because when I was inside the media, the last thing I wanted to do was go through a PR agency to book a guest that just, you know, not good for deadlines, that’s not, and then also it feels like it’s very packaged and very rehearsed, whereas we want real people. If I could just pick up the phone and call you and get you to come on my show. That’s fastest you know I’m going to keep going to you over and over again because of those types of things so the perspective I guess I bring as well is like the perspective of recorder and a journalist and, you know what they need to know it’s this unique program, only one of its kind, right now in Canada,

and so you’re saying this so this is like a group coaching kind of program and you meet once a week, And then is there, like is it. Obviously, each other. We help each other out and have some accountability with each other, like, and what else do and how long does this program for,

so there’s no it’s not like the group accountability when you think of business coaching because it’s a hybrid program. The they have, we meet group, like weekly as a group, and it’s more learning lessons so that everybody can share how their interviews went but the other part of it is the one on one time I have with clients, that’s why I say it’s a hybrid program. Yeah, I think a lot of people like even myself, I don’t love group programs right but I guess that’s in the traditional sense in terms of how people work because I still think I need my independent coaching my situation is going to be different. So it’s the one on one coaching me walking you through everything and editing your pitch, and you know prepping you for on camera, and the group component is more like learning lessons of the week and I also give updates, there’s been lots of changes in the media in the past year, lots of layoffs, lots of people moving stations, you know people we need to be up to date on that in order so that we send our pitches to the right people get blocked.

Yeah, absolutely, with I guess with kind of circling back to the PR agency and then being able to I mean, I guess being able to I was looking at that is. Yeah, so you’ve given your, it’s like you’ve handed everything over to the PR agency. And then there’s to your point, you don’t know what they’ve done with it you know they don’t, you don’t know who they’re talking to and then you’re almost handcuffed in a way to because if you want more of that, they have all the contacts and you know, whereas, doing it all, you know yourself or DIY however you want to. You are in control of keeping those relationships going indefinitely and like you say, you know somebody that ABC company does somewhere else, you still have that relationship with them and it’s it’s yeah I guess it’s, it’s much more personalized and I think that’s where all of our marketing is going right it’s becoming more personalized more, you know, real in the sense of, despite the fact that we’re talking about the filtered images but you know you see stuff on, on, whether it’s YouTube or whatever where people are okay to show the true right like, and then it’s less, I guess, contrived in a way and I think it’s more real or that’s becoming more acceptable for it to be real versus for sure, you know, being in the makeup room for the last hour and a half getting my hair done. Stepping on you know this, the set and having all the great lighting and all that and it’s like yeah, especially right now.

I know well we actually do coaching with like I you know I had to do my makeup myself for many many years when I was on live TV, and so I coach around that too, right, you know, bring me your makeup stash and let’s figure out what’s going to be the best look for you right now.

The other thing I was gonna say, so I actually watched, where I was first initially introduced to you was, you did a webinar for TI DC and international design and you were talking about the lighting and you know just about doing. I guess some all we want to say on camera but whether it’s posting videos online or whatever and I always wear my catheters that actually works perfectly in my office because I, I’m in the basement, but I have a huge big pretty deep window and so I can face the window and have the natural light like perfectly I want I’m like, makes a big difference in tone oh yeah well the big dark shadows under your eyes and you know, Lord knows I can use whatever. So, which is great. You know you’ve kind of touched a little bit of on about how women, we don’t typically, I mean I’m using a broad, sweeping statement here but we don’t typically show up, or typically come with confidence and we struggle a little bit with imposter syndrome. How do you help women get over this to,

I guess the thing.

So, this is so interesting because, as I grew my business and started developing it and working with different women, you know, I had the whole formula mapped out for how to, you know pitch the interview, how to land the interview how to book it do all that stuff, but the thing that was tripping women up constantly was their mindset so they were experiencing a lot of jitters before going to do an interview or just having that thought like they would say out loud, you know who am I call myself an expert who am I to say that I’m a thought leader in the space so some of the things that I do and I do it for myself as well is to just shift the perspective into reminding yourself why you started your business and what it is that you’re doing to show up and serve every day so when you focus off of your purpose, versus on yourself and how you’re going to look and if you’re going to make a mistake, then it shifts your energy so some of the things that I like to do in my business and for myself I actually keep a book, and it’s a book that I just have just for my wins I track my monthly winds and the winds could be anything from new clients to new opportunities to my kids going back to school that was a win at one point it was. It was at one point but then I look back and I see a bigger picture to see how far I’ve come, and the impact that I’ve made on other women, I’m like so proud to say that I’ve helped over 40 Women land media spots and I remind myself about all that I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished and who I’m going to help with whatever interview I’m doing, and it calms me down, it literally calms me down. The other thing that we do is affirmations. Yeah, so literally have affirmations basically things like, I love how I look and sound on video, that’s hard for people to do, to do to show up and to feel it. We do affirmations and we just, you know, it’s more about being, you know, I hate to hate using that term in this context about like the self love and self care but it is really just helping us not be so critical, and also reminding ourselves that men are not waking up thinking all the stuff that we’re thinking about age makeup and they show up so we should be doing the same.

Totally, totally. I

always say it’s like giving yourself Grace right like give yourself some grace and and to sometimes be like, damn, I did all that or I can’t push that and link it to your point or like when we were talking about earlier was about, you know, why, why is my, like, they don’t want to listen to me you know I’m just doing that but others come in from a completely fresh perspective and don’t know about your business, whatever that is, in particular, and you will do have information that that other people want to hear and learn about and it is it’s a mindset shift in perspective to see that what you do have to talk about is interesting and

newsworthy, I think like staying in your lane as well right so when I worked in the TV industry you know the TV industry, of course, very competitive, you know, there’s always competition on who’s gonna get the next job. I felt way more insecure about myself and my confidence level because I was always comparing myself to the next person beside me, and I think entrepreneurs can get caught up in that do simple things like hit unfollow or you know stay early. I wake up in the morning and I always wondered about this like years ago I always wondered how do people do it but I wake up in my lane. And I think well what am I going to do to move myself forward I’m not waking up thinking about Susie or Brenda or you know, Frankie I’m not thinking about any of those people I’m thinking about myself and what I’m going to do to hit my goals so that’s also big, you know, from mindset I think that’s also you know just stay in your lane for a while and

I think interior design in particular is we’re, you know, it’s so easy to get caught in that trap right it’s so easy to go on Instagram and Facebook and go oh my god look at the project she’s working on Oh my God, look how great that is and it can it’s very hard I mean I’m 20 something years in the business and I can still find myself going, like, I don’t like it and it’s funny, I’ll be like oh my god that’s such a great project and I’m like, but I don’t actually desire to have a firm of 20 people plus like I don’t want that. Yeah, no and that’s what that’s what that requires so like to move on because that’s not where I want to be you know and yeah it’s it’s so easy to get caught up in it for sure.

It is yeah, everybody experiences that I totally still experienced it too, I’m not gonna sit here and say that I’m perfect, but it’s like don’t get caught up in it right don’t get caught up on it you see it. Okay, you feel a little bit of jealousy just yet.


Yeah, exactly.

I think those are those are very, very wise words because, yeah, it can it can it can totally derail you. Right, and especially if you’re if you’re trying to move forward in your mindset, it’s like that’s not gonna help you it’s gonna stall you for sure. Let’s see, did I have any other, was there anything that we didn’t talk about that you wanted to mention about what type of services that you offer for women, service providers because predominantly what this audience is,

uh Yeah so one of the things that I developed because I knew a lot of people are not ready for PR, I totally get this, this is something that I’ve heard over and over again and, ironically, the reason I started my business was when I was in my last position and reporting for CP 24 I had to coach some women, other women that were on my team to fill in for me for my morning hits and I was coaching them for their on camera so you know their pace their pitch their tone and all that kind of stuff and how they were showing up. So, I, that was kind of actually the like the seed that got planted to end up turning this into a PR service but what I’ve recently developed is a similar program a hybrid program that includes one on one time with myself as well as in a group setting where we just focused on on camera, and your presentation skills so those on camera presentation skills can be used in a discovery call could be used if you’re hosting a master class or a webinar, it could be used of course when we go back to in person, communications, but I think again it just goes back to the fact that women don’t have that competence to show up, and especially now, on camera like yeah how much pressure for us to look a certain way we know statistically that on camera men are less judged than women so I think now that we’re in the virtual space that felt like the right time for me to develop this so that we don’t know how much longer we’re going to be in this situation. And, you know, I think this is a massive shift that’s going to be here for a long time, you know we have a word for all of us if we haven’t already been online we’ve pivoted online,

you have to right, it’s. And you’re saying about on camera, I think, zoom, like zoom Yeah.


Yeah, predominantly what

people don’t realize like I’ve been in so many zoom meetings where, not necessarily with my clients but with other organizations and as soon as they show up on camera, it says a lot about them. And of course yes we’re going through a lot because we have kids at home and we’re tired and we’re exhausted, we’ve been in the pandemic forever but at the end of the day how you show up on camera says a lot about your brand and what it says about doing business with you. It’s a reflection, it’s a reflection, even if you’re a leader and you have a team, it’s going to be a reflection on how you assert, you know, whatever you have to assign to your team are they going to take you seriously or you know what I mean. So yeah, and there’s nothing more

frustrating than being on a zoom call or version of zoom call. Yeah, a video call, where you’re like, the cameras positioned wrong you’re getting like half their head cut off. You’re like, can you not see that like your point, you are showing up in a business setting, and you should be as if you were in person, right, like I mean, yes, you may have leggings on below. But you know like you got to show up like you wouldn’t have in a business media. I mean I just find a it’s been funny and I had a meeting last week where there was like a huge group of people on. And yeah, I’m like the one I’m like I can only see part of his head.

Like, yeah,

I mean, a lot of people just don’t know they just don’t know how to do things like really simple things that are intuitive to me because I work, you know when you work in TV, it’s not like you just get dressed and stand in front of a camera you’re actually in charge of editing shots and times I did some editing as well. So you know just learning the aesthetic for it, you know, it’s something that’s kind of a skill that people need to pick up or they learn over time or they’re taught right so especially if you’re in a business that’s not a

visual or creative business, you may not even. It’s not even in your wheelhouse or like yes, it’s not even there. Whereas I think somebody like designers were a little bit more aware of, yeah, yeah. So, for sure. Well, this is great, this is I have, I mean, there’s time we could talk about the Center for hours but I respect your time and I have my closing questions my interior Inquisition. Yes, and these are questions that can be about life for business or however you want to answer them. What is one thing you think every person should experience in their lives.

Going to the ocean, going to the ocean and spending a day at the ocean. I cannot tell you what a reset that can be, and now we’re now we can’t do that right now she lives somewhere warm. Yeah but spending a day at the ocean, or even better on a catamaran in the middle of the ocean, done that several times in the Caribbean. It is the most surreal spiritual experience that really is, yeah,

yeah, it’s like, I don’t know if you’ve ever done scuba diving, have you done scuba diving a little

bit not like, Yeah, a little I was in St Lucia, we, we did a little bit but right before they everybody was supposed to jump off the person who was like manning the ship said to us, you know, make sure like you don’t get bit by this like,

you know, poisonous

did it so I didn’t do much.

That’s not.

That’s but that’s, to me that’s one of those experiences when you’re under water and your world. It’s such a surreal experience. Not to say that I’m not super anxious before I do it every time.

I’m super nervous and I’m like oh

my god I don’t want to do it and then I’m like okay so


seemed totally it’s totally. So grounding, what is the wisest thing that you’ve ever heard someone say,

this is a hard one. This is a hard one. Okay, so here’s what I’ll tell you, not the wisest thing because that’s, you know, I’d have to go back through my catalog, but I think kids are so intuitive and there’s so great and they can really put things into perspective, I’ll tell you quickly we had a massive bug in our house and we freaked out. I freaked out, and my son just looked at me and he said, but it’s smaller than you, right, like Yes that is right. It’s small, but it was it was a quite a big bug but I’m like

it’s so big and he’s like No, but it does millipede things,

yes, yes,


I was like about

the only really big bug we get here. Yeah,

right. So, you know, just keeping that perspective like just any sort of wisdom around perspective,

right, they’re, they’re, you know basically what the out of the mouth of babes or something yeah it’s true, they’re just tell it like it is and see things, especially when they’re young, they say, I’m an unjaded perspective,

exactly, but I think it can apply to anything in life right, it can apply to the pandemic, it can apply to, you know, work it can apply to your personal life. Yeah, for

sure. Absolutely. See, wise words. What are three podcasts that you’re listening to, are more or less so

I love Abraham Hicks, I don’t know if you know, Joe, I listened to that every day I listen to a little bit every day. I love that it’s in short snippets,

I love podcasts that’s specific to them.

Yeah. So, look, there’s two, I don’t know which is the right one. But I listened to the I think the most current one, they do, it seems like they have conference and they’ve, you know,

Oh yeah,

definitely the book I have the book. Audio Book of it so yeah,

so maybe, but it’s a live concert, it’s like a Live, a live event that they seem to have chopped up, so that one’s really good. The other one that I listened to his base checks which is out of the

bay, I went to BizChixs live last year.

Okay, we have to talk a lot last year 2019

Right printing is so

crazy. I don’t think I didn’t think anybody knew who that was on.

Natalie Ekdahl fam. That is

hilarious so those, those two there and I will say, I actually okay like here’s my thing. I have a big pet peeve with how people sound on podcast so I don’t listen to me. No, yeah, you’re being judged and you actually you have a phenomenal voice who speak evenly you’re articulate, anybody who shows up with a valley girl voice, I check out so so those two are the ones that are my go to I don’t have a third, you know, it’s, it’s hard to get into business podcast because they’re not produced properly or with somebody who has the speaking skills, I’m a little judgy when it comes to that business. Right. It drives me bonkers because I can’t listen to their message all I can hear is the,

you know, whatever. Okay. Her tone is off.

Yeah, slowly Yeah,

that’s what I hear, so those

are my two favorites, Awesome, awesome. Well, I’ll give you some afterwards of my, my, go twos considering you like this check. So, yes, I think you’ll, there’s some other good ones that you might like so. Well, thank you again, Jennifer, I think this has been just such a wonderful chat and learning about what you do and I think what you’re doing is filling that, that niche that is definitely that is needed for sure for, and I think it’s educating to because there’s a lot of, I think there’s a lot of mystery about media and how do you get there and, you know, we know how to go on to social media we know how to post stuff that’s easy, but the, the next part of it is definitely coaching is needed because if you’re not in the industry, you have no idea what you’re doing so, if people want to find you. Where is the best place to find you.

So I am on social media. I’m very active on social media, more so in my DMs I feel like I don’t post as much but but I’m on Instagram at a@shesnewsworthy, and my website is shesnewsworthy.com There’s a free media pitch template there, this is the template that I use with all my clients to land interviews, and I also have all we talked about the marketing machine I have a set of master classes on there as well. So you know, speaking gigs, how to get paid as well as pitching to podcast and we just did an on camera masterclass so those are all accessible off my website. Awesome,

well thank you again, you know, put all this stuff in the show notes so people can, you know, because they’re probably walking or driving right now. They can find it all so thank you again and it was a pleasure chatting with you today.

It was so wonderful, thank you.

I feel so lucky that I get to interview such amazing women, and I’d love to taking with Jennifer, I think what she’s doing is really filling a void that is definitely needed. I think that pitching media. If it’s not something that you’ve done in the past or have sort of some sort of connection with I think it can be, can seem overwhelming, and can seem a bit, you know a bit daunting as to, you know, how do I get this out there. And, you know, we do not most of us small business owners don’t have the luxury of shelling out five to $10,000 a month for somebody to do this so I think she’s definitely found found a spot where there’s a definite need for. I love that she’s predominantly you know working with women because we do tend to look at ourselves as not maybe being having information that is quite as interesting and newsworthy, or don’t see it as being newsworthy when it really is and so having that outside perspective of somebody else looking in at what you do and pulling that stuff out that may be something that we totally take for granted. So I think Jennifer’s got got a great program and being able to do it in various methods whether you want by just a single one off program or course that she’s offered or being part of her group, I think that she’s offering a great opportunity and I hope you enjoyed this podcast, as much as I enjoyed interviewing Jennifer’s so do me a favor and go do something today that your future self will thank you for. Thanks again for listening and I hope you enjoy the show. And if you can rate and review us on Apple podcasts or iTunes or Spotify or Google, wherever you listen to the show. Thanks again.

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