Episode #0025 – Are you a “Worker Bee” or a “Queen Bee” (aka CEO) with Elyse Tager

Featured in this week’s episode of The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson interviews business coach and entrepreneur Elyse Tager. Elyse specializes in helping ambitious women reach their career goals and dreams by changing their worker bee mindset, coaching them in their career, seeing their full potential in the workplace. 

Elyse wants all career-driven women to realize their value and see their full potential. She wants to teach others how to move from a “worker bee” mindset and lifestyle to a “CEO” powered individual. Elyse brings wisdom and perspective about the female mind, explaining how to break habits to live the life you want. She also informs us on the natural female tendencies and the nurture aspect of our brains. These hardwired tendencies can bring many benefits to the workplace that many do not even realize-we just need to change our perspective. Elyse suggests that if you want to be a CEO, you have to start acting like one. 

In short, Elyse is here to take you and your career as far as you want to go. The brilliant part is, you get to decide how far that is and what success means to you. Every person’s goals and successes are different, and she is here to guide you in finding the perfect work-life balance for your life.  

So, join Crystal and Elyse as they talk about women in business and help you gain some ideas to take your business to the next level if that is what you want. Now, do something today that your future self will thank you for and start acting like a CEO. 

How to reach Elyse:

Website – elysetager.com 

Facebook – tagerstrategy

Instagram- @elysetager

LinkedIn- elysetager

Elyse Tager as guest onn TPD episode Are you a "Worker Bee" or a "Queen Bee" (aka CEO)

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